Diane Silcox Jarrett

Author & Freelance Writer

One Woman's Dream

Charlotte Hawkins Brown, One Woman's Dream Bandit Books, Winston-Salem, NC 1995, 109 pages Author and researcher This non-fiction book is written for the upper elementary and middle school student reading level. It is a story of how a young African-American woman was able to turn a one-room school house into one of the finest educational institutes of its time. Brown's dedication and the obstacles she encountered are emphasized in the book.

Charlotte Hawkins Brown was truly a unique woman, especially for the time in which she lived. I regret that I never got to meet her or have even a single conversation with her. I learned from others that she was a strong educator, leader, and advocate for human rights, but she never forgot to take care of the little things in life that mean so much, like listening to a student's dreams. Listed on the North Carolina Public School web site as a book under the "Raising Achievement and Closing Gap" Resources for studying the history of education for African Americans in North Carolina and Beyond (

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