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Diane will read to children from her books while engaging them in questions and answers. After the reading, children will have the opportunity to make their own lighthouse, decorate a chalkboard, or write a letter just as in the 1700s. The program is designed for children to learn a bit of history, ask questions and have fun.


Reading and writing have such a close connection. I can help students overcome struggling with their reading. I have worked over the years with students that have had a hard time with reading. Once again, i have worked with the core curriculum. I will work with each student and help them with what they, as an individual, need to work on.

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  • -Freelance Writing
  • -Ghost Writing
  • -Family Histories
  • -Research for History Related Projects


Children’s minds are full of wonderful ideas but sometimes it can be hard to get them down on paper. A bad case of the nerves can make anyone have writers block. I have been there many times myself. I believe that each student is very creative and sometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge in the right direction. I have worked with the core curriculum. Whatever you feel your student needs I will individualize their lessons.


From Snapshot to Story (grades 3-8)

In this residency students can choose from many old photos which include of a group of young men from the 1920s in their letter sweaters, young children playing stickball in a city street, or a young boy playing with a monkey. Photos like these have been the starting point of hundreds of original stories all completely different. Each student’s imaginative mind brings to life a story behind their photo.

A Child of the Times (grades 3-8)

Stories such as a father and son fighting in the Battle of Gettysburg together, a young girl hiding runaway slaves or a young boy giving a surprise birthday party for George Washington, are an example of how students become a part of history through their creative writing. Students learn how to use what they notice about people around them and their everyday life in their stories.

North Carolina Lighthouse Residency (grades 4)

This residency is designed to complement the students' unit on North Carolina Lighthouses. Students will be given the opportunity to use their imagination along with historical details to create a story surrounding one of the lighthouses. Students will work on building strong characters, dialogue, and transitions. Students will also develop a good understanding of how history can be creative. At the end of the week they will have their own creative non-fiction story to add to their lighthouse unit.

What teachers and students say about Diane


Excerpts of letters from fourth graders who had participated in the Snapshot to Story Residency

"This past week you made writing fun for me.. You helped me grow as a writer by helping me use more details and use the setting and dialogue more and where I should incorporate it. You taught me how to picture a picture in my head when describing things. You also made me believe in myself as a writer."

"It was really fun to have an author read a story that I wrote. I really liked the whole week but my favorite part was when we first started our stories because I didn't know how good my story would turn out. It was cool to see how it all came together...Now it is just easier to think of stories in my head and writing it down on paper. You definitely taught me how to be a better writer."

"I loved how you helped us edit our paper to make it better. That was cool. My favorite part about you coming in was when we got to edit some of your work. I think that helped all of us grow as a writer."


“I have worked with Diane for the past eight years. I have worked with many teachers over my ten-year teaching career, and she stands out among them. Diane has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children. Her ability to connect with her students and her talent for teaching many diverse concepts are both exceptional. She has skills and is extremely organized and reliable. Diane does a wonderful job with working independently or collaboratively with fellow colleagues.”

-Ashley Berwanger, Conn Elementary, Raleigh, NC

“Diane worked with my fifth graders for a week as a Writer In Residence. She planned with our team of teachers on how to best incorporate her writing plans. We were currently studying the Civil War, so she integrated our curriculum in writing a historical fiction piece. The students were well engaged and their writing skills improved with this experience. I highly recommend Diane in teaching other students.”

-Jeam Marie Jaros, Fifth Grade Teacher, Davis Drive Elementary, Cary, NC

“Students enjoyed using old photographs to spark creative thinking and produce excellent writing pieces.” “Mrs. Silcox-Jarrett is passionate about writing and shared her enthusiasm with our students.”

-4th grade teachers from Cary Elementary, Cary, NC

“Diane was a Writer In Residence at Ballentine Elementary in January of 2014. Prior to beginning the residency she met the teachers who would be involved with the project and described what she would be doing and what background information the students would need. During the actual residency she was very effective at communicating the different steps students would need to follow.

She was also very encouraging, helping them to get started with the writing process, and giving them tips on how to keep writing when they felt they were out of ideas. The students enjoyed this experience and came away with some very creative stories!"

-Sandra Bartlett, fourth grade teacher at Ballentine Elementary School