Diane Silcox Jarrett

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Young Writers Work

Please enjoy some of the work from our young writers below.

Diane with young writer, Sarah Derifaj, from Cary Elementary.

"Greta" By: Scarlett Raynor

Today is really hot. Even under the apple tree was hot. Early today I had tried to lie down and read outside but it was just too hot.

My mother had gotten us girls some iced tea to help cool us off. I had abandoned the idea of going up to my room and reading for two reasons, one my brothers upstairs were making such a racket you could barley hear your own thoughts. Also, my mother and I were sewing and I love to sew. Continue Reading

"Pancakes Oh Pancakes" By: Alice Campbell

Bling, Bling! Bling, Bling!

"Ehh," Charlie said as he woke up. He had stayed up late, all the way until 8:00pm last night! Charlie reached out and pushed the big red button to stop the loud blaring alarm. The, he put his head on his soft pillow and started snoring, a slow steady rhythm. Continue Reading

"A Summer With Sandy" By: Sophia

"Which one of these dumpy houses is ours?" asked ten year old Sandy Dawlsin, looking out the window of her parent's RV. "But you don't like Kentucky?" said Sandy's mom, looking concerned. Sandy said "well, it's not like I don't like it, it's just.." Sandy paused, and looked out the window. "Wow, look at that house! It's huge." Continue Reading

"The Visitors Help" By: Molly Edwards

I was walking to school it was my first day of kindergarten, I was jovial. As I walked I could hear the crunch of leaves and the chatter of children. My teacher was Ms. Moon she was sweet I loved her colorful dress that she is wearing. We had to take a test to see how much we knew. It was mainly easy except for one problem. Continue Reading

"Where Do I Belong: J.J.

No words slipped out of anyone’s mouth this morning. My little brother looks like he aged five years since my dad died. Usually it’s funny when there is awkward silence but now, just no. My family lives in a lot of places. What I mean is we move from place to place. We’re a poor family. Continue Reading

Students' Work

Hunter Elementary students' paper dolls based on the characters they created in their creative nonfiction stories.