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                     From Snapshot to Story

Young writers create their short stories inspired by old black and white photographs they have chosen. The photos have been the starting point of hundreds of originial and creative stories. It doesn't matter how many times a photo has been chosen; there has never been the same story from any given photo. Each story is as unique as the writer.  It is wonderful to see the photos come alive through the imagination of young writers. 

  A Child of the Times Students write creative nonfiction short stories about a period of history they have been studying. I have worked with several historical periods. Students have written stories after they have read Divided Loyalties and The Hope Chest.  Seventh graders have written stories that set in the period before, during, and after World War I.

This residency gives students the opportunity to really put themselves inside history. They also add fun details of the historical period such as popular names, foods, clothing, and slang. The stories created pulled the reader right into the historical period through the lives of their characters.

                                                             What Teachers and Students Say


"Diane has been superlative in my classroom: for the second year running, she encourages my students not just to aspire to writing but that they already were writers, and creative ones.  She consistently goes above and beyond what an artist in the school signs up to do.  You can tell she really, truly cares about the students she works with and the impact she can make."  Ross Anderson, 7th Grade Social Studies , NBCT, Moore Square Middle School.


"Mrs. Jarrett provided engaging writing opportunities for my fourth graders over multiple years.  She delivers age appropriate lessons that inspire young writers to use imagination to create writing they can be proud of.  She works with teachers to support their curriculum.  She makes writing fun for every child." 

Lori Shaw, 4th Grade Teacher, Cary Elementary School.


                Excerpts of letters from fourth graders who participated in a Snapshot to Story Residency

     "This past week you made writing fun for me. You helped me grow as a writer by helping me use more details and use the setting and dialog more and where I should  incorporate it. You taught me how to picture a picture in my head when describing things. You also made me believe in myself as a writer."


"It was really fun to have an author read a story that I wrote. My favorite part was when we first started our stories because I didn't know how good my story would turn out. It was cool to see how it all came together....Now it is just easier to think of stories in my head and writing it down on paper. You definitely taught me how to be a better writer."


"I loved how you helped us edit our paper to make it better. That was cool. My favorite part about you coming in was when we got to edit some of your work. 

I think that helped me grow as a writer."


                  North Carolina Lighthouses

  This residency is designed to complement the unit on North Carolina Lighthouses. Students will be given the opportunity to use their imaginations, along with historical details, to create a story surrounding life at one of the lighthouses. At the end of the week, they will have their own creative nonficiton story to add to their lighthouse unit. 

 I am able to conduct my residencies in the classroom and virtually.

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