There is nothing I enjoy more than working with young writers as a writer-in-residence and as a tutor.  The stories I read are just as unique as the young authors who wrote them.  I am constantly inspired by their ideas and energy.  Seeing their curiosity and hearing their questions motivates and challenges me.  I am always amazed by their originality and how they see the world through their stories.  I tell them I couldn't come up with their ideas.  Young writers are honest, curious, and creative, each in their own individual way.  This past year, we shared ideas and stories virutally and it kept us together as a writing community.


Young people have all it takes to be a writer: their imaginations, creativity, memories and life experiences.  But sometimes it can be hard to get those wonderful ideas down on paper.  All it takes is a little nudge in the right direction.  I will work with whatever curriculum is being used in the classroom.  I can individualize lessons for  the student's needs.

Reading and writing have such a strong connection to each other.  I have worked with students over the years in helping them overcome their struggles with reading.  Being able to read a book is magical.  It is such a good feeling to get lost in a book.  I will work closely with each individual  so they can enjoy the magic of books.



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